Leather Business

Leather Business

We have leather production group which consists of 7 types of products: Finished Leather, Cut Part leather, Trim seats Cover, Steering Wheel & Gear Knob, Spray Service, tanning service and other products


Trim Cover

We provide cutting and sew leather. The factory have a couture service by sewing and fitted leather for car seats.

Steering Wheel & Gear Knob

We also provide cutting leather and shaped for to gear and steering wheel covers. This is order made product for car parts manufacturer

Finished Leather

This is ready to use leather. It has been painted and compressed, ready to be sewn into various products, such as car seats, decorative accessories, inside cars that use leather, furniture, shoes, bags and other leather goods, etc. The various product operators will proceed to the next step.

Cut Part

Cutting service. We make cutting pattern depending on the customers need.


Spray Service

The company provides spray paint for the leather material and perform the procedure according to the customer requirements.       

Beam House and Tanning Service

We have Beam House and Tanning Service for customer who provide their own raw materials. The procedure will depend on the need of the customers.



By-products can be obtained from processes in various procedure such as rawhide dog snack from the tanning process.