About Us

About Us

Our story:

Chaiwatana started off in the tanning business on 17th 1972 by the late Chairman Mr.Boonchai Chaiteerath with a registered capital of 1.60 million baht, and was later registered as a public company on 7th 1994. Chaiwatana differentiates ourself from other tanneries by being the first to develop buffalo-based tanning line that was in high demand in Western countries. Reaching the 50th year anniversary, Chaiwatana still holds the same spirit as its Founder by boldly navigating through other businesses and identifying major trends that will lead the company to greater achievement. In 2016, the company expanded to clean energy sector. At present, the company has matured in experience and expertise and is a major producer of cattle-buffalo tanning industry in Thailand and other new businesses.


We decided to move forward to restructure our company as Chaiwatana Holding in order to become more focused;
this equips Chaiwatana with flexibility for growth and development. We aim to lead all of our stakeholders to mutual strength and stable growth.


Business direction:

Trend-focused diversification
With the dynamism of today’s business world, everything is characterized by constant changes in social, economic, political, and technological spheres. Chaiwatana believes that for organizations to stay above the norms, they have to always be prepared to adapt, especially when it comes to new business opportunities.


Lean & effective management
Throughout our 50 years of experience in businesses, we have successfully overcome economic ups and downs. One of our key ideals is not only to survive but to thrive through it all. We have constructed our business in a way that generates steady cash flow as well as being cost-effective. These practices keep our business lean and effective while maintaining the best value for our stakeholders amid economic crises.


Initiative sustainability
We believe that for Chaiwatana and our stakeholders to grow, it is requisite that as one of the leading companies we should not only pay attention to innovating new products and initiating new businesses, as it is also our responsibility to care for the nature and society. We truly believe and have implemented Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) among Chaiwatana community.




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