Leather-based products

Leather-based products

Our oldest and first business that has been developed for more than 50 years. We offer the best OEM of leather tannings. From the same raw material we have expanded to offer a wide variety of dog chew products. As we are more concerned for our society and environment, we are branching from our core tannery business and provide an alternative of plant-based leather


Finished Leather

This is ready to use leather. It has been painted and compressed, ready to be sewn into various products, such as car seats, decorative accessories, inside cars that use leather, furniture, shoes, bags and other leather goods, etc.

Cut Part

Cutting service. We make cutting pattern depending on the customers need.


Spray Service

The company provides spray paint for the leather material and perform the procedure according to the customer requirements.       

Beam House and Tanning Service

We have Beam House and Tanning Service for customer who provide their own raw materials. The procedure will depend on the need of the customers.

Plant Based Leather

Plant Based Leather

Our plant-based leather are made from the by product of hemp and pineapple production in Thailand. It is as durable as PU. Color and pattern can be custom to customer requirements.


By-products can be obtained from processes in various procedure such as rawhide dog snack from the tanning process.



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